1. Cloud computing support

Global data distribution via the Internet means a global labor market.

2. Network administration

Cloud computing means fewer in-house resources, and less need for physical presence in the building with the boxes.

3. Business analysts

Fluent, bilingual analysts are especially popular in Russia and Bulgaria.

4. Smartphone app developers

Offshore talent is proving adept at apps both useful and useless.

5. Web-site developers

Content management systems such as Joomla have opened up the offshore talent field.

6. Software developers

Video conferencing helps make face-to-face meetings easy.

7. IT procurement staff

Communications tech lets shoppers stay in close touch with home.

8. Quality assurance personnel

Many Fortune 500s lack formal, automated processes for QA, making it easier to outsource these jobs.

9,10, 11. PHP and JavaScript developers, MYSQL developers and administrators

All three areas are in the cross-hairs due to open-source software.

12. IT help desk staff.

Central America is an emerging hot spot.