IBM is one of the Top 50 Most Admired Companies – Yet another view on this….

Do you admire how IBM treats AMERICAN employees? Do you admire how CEO Palmisano meets with the president at the WH (photo op) and says we need to save American jobs, THEN continues his “rebalancing” of thousands and thousands of American jobs to India? IBM is the leader in throwing Americans under the bus. The new IBM execs are American haters. But they love American money and will do ANYTHING to stuff their pockets full of it. They are really good at that. Now I know you are impressed with Watson. But do you really think it was created in Bangalore? LOL. (Name one great piece of software from India) This new company IS NOT the IBM of years past. It should be known as India Business Machines. I see we have a comment from some IBM manager here about how good it is to be back, now that is the kind of self-server who is going to move up in the org. Who did they get to at Fortune is my question.