• 21% of survey participants confess that they are addicted to their smartphones.
  • 18% of survey respondents say the type of phone they use is a reflection of who they are.
  • 57% of these smartphone owners would fish out their mobile device from a public toilet if they dropped it in one.
  • 89% of smartphone owners say it’s unacceptable to break-up with a significant other via text message.
  • 77% of survey participants say they text message daily on their smartphones.
  • Half of survey participants say they use social media and/or get news from their smartphones daily.
  • 17% of survey participants use the iPhone, as opposed to Android (14%), BlackBerry (12%)or Windows Mobile (2%). 42% still use a regular cell phone.
  • Three out of four Android users are men, making the ‘Droid as the definitive guy-phone.